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Pay to Play: how other Countries don't

This seems to be a huge topic at the moment in youth sports, here in the United States. But why is this a factor and how can it change? Let’s first address the issue. We talk about the benefits of sport for kids and how participation is crucial. But then we price out families who cannot afford an extra $100+ for a soccer class. Now the first place people may lay blame is at the private companies who offer these classes throughout many of our States. However, when you factor in field rental, liability insurance, current requirements and salaries, you can understand why there prices are what they are. If they weren’t then it would not be a viable business...

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Who's Coaching Your Kids Soccer?

Preparing your kids for soccer can be both fun and stressful at the same time. Finding a class, looking for equipment or figuring out who will be taking them. But watching their faces light up as you tell them you have enrolled them for their first soccer class is worth all the hassle. However, as a newly introduced soccer mom/dad, you are unsure on how they will be when the day comes. Both you and your child are nervous. The day comes and you arrive to your class with an overly excited kid. You are greeted by a smiling coach, who introduces themselves with a big high five. It all seems positive until the class starts. The coach begins to...

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