Who's Coaching Your Kids Soccer?

Preparing your kids for soccer can be both fun and stressful at the same time. Finding a class, looking for equipment or figuring out who will be taking them. But watching their faces light up as you tell them you have enrolled them for their first soccer class is worth all the hassle. However, as a newly introduced soccer mom/dad, you are unsure on how they will be when the day comes. Both you and your child are nervous.
The day comes and you arrive to your class with an overly excited kid. You are greeted by a smiling coach, who introduces themselves with a big high five. It all seems positive until the class starts. The coach begins to look nervous, they are struggling to get any group control or they just lack enthusiasm in the games. It’s just a nightmare to watch!
How could that be? You signed up to a large well-known company, how could it go wrong?
Let me break it down for you. You need to know who your coach will be. What I mean by this is, some companies are on such a large scale they have no option but to employ “coaches” that have limited to no coaching background. Your kids coach may have been a babysitter for 3 months. Does that make them qualified? Obviously not, but because they have already sold classes, they then need to fill the coaching positions.
Now I am not against this, as every coach needs to start somewhere and having children playing is the most important thing. However, wouldn’t you want to know prior to your class? How I see it is if you have one coach who has multiple qualifications and experience vs one with none. Should you be paying the same for the class?....Probably not.
So how can you avoid this?
Sometimes you can’t. But one way to reduce this problem is to find out about your coach. If the company doesn't know who will be coaching, then they are most probably filling classes before having any coaches. If you do get a name, then you could go further and ask about there experience and time with the company. These little details may save you possible headaches in the long run.
Have you had a similar situation?