Our Story

It all started with a problem...


Coach Danny sat down in 2018 in his tiny apartment studio apartment and tried to think how he could make an impact on tackling this problem. When we say a tiny apartment, we mean 250sqft tiny. 

(Our first place)

After coaching for over 20 years he noticed one thing in all his soccer classes. The kids soccer socks were just plain boring, or they were too big, or the shin guards kept moving, or the overall material quality was poor. The list went on...

So in 2018, SocSok was created to help solve all of these problems. We wanted to develop performance socks that could 'keep up' with the little kids (we had our work cut out after conducting market research of watching a toddler play). But not only that, from each sale we would donate 10% back to help pay for kids in low-income families to play organized sport. We have partnered with Every Kid Sports to help achieve this mission. This way we can help get kids active that would not have had the chance otherwise. 

By introducing our soccer socks first, at the start of 2019. It put an element of fun back into the game that wasn't there before. It also helped the kids feel more confident because they were wearing their favorite characters. It was an instant hit with kids and also the parents.

We knew SocSok's journey had officially begun.


3 years later, we wanted to reach out to more kids to be active. As we know, not every kid wants to play soccer. So we decided to introduce our performance casual socks so that every kid could now enjoy the fun, whilst helping other kids be active too.  

So as our little friends like to say....

Have you got your "SocSok's" yet?