The socsok story

Once upon a time (so cliché), in a teeny-tiny overpriced studio apartment in New York, lived a family man called Coach Danny. On one morning he questioned himself to why he only saw adult performance clothing and limited options for kids? Let's be honest. An adults one hour at the Gym, compared to 12 hours of craziness from an active child doesn't even come close.

So what about the little kids?

Research Time

Day after day, he researched kids athletic socks and always ended back up at the same problem. Designs were just mini-versions of their new adult collection. Coach Danny sat wondering, Do kids really want a classic pattern with unique colorways, designed by an award winning designer? Or do they want crazy bold colors with their favorite theme characters on?

The decision was easy!

Bringing the FUN

Late in 2019, the idea of creating a fun kids brand was just beginning.

The initial idea was to create a soccer sock to tackle ( no pun intended) (ok yes maybe) the problem he so often saw in recreation soccer. The list was ginormous!!

They didn't want to put on their socks (the dreaded tantrum). Shin guards kept moving mid-game. Complaining their socks are bunched up from their over-sized socks. They kept falling down. Boring plain colors.

The list went on....

Getting Creative

Creating a fun performance soccer sock wasn't going to be an easy task. Each part of the sock was going to need careful planning to make it THE GREATEST SOCK IN THE WORLD!! (TBC). The material had to perform, but what is harder than getting a preschooler to wear something that isn't comfy, right? The size had to be correct. The breathability had to be adequate to help stop those little stinky feet. The shin guard needed to stay put. And finally, the most important part of the sock. It had to be created with fun and bright designs.

In November 2019, the sock was ready! Months of trials and mistakes, and finally a sock that solved all the problems. Coach Danny had designed each fun design by hand, listening to every child with what they wanted to see (ok, almost every child. Stinky garbage is where he drew the line).

And so, SocSok had officially launched with it's first product!

Helping Kids Play

After the release of SocSok's first product, Coach Danny started to envision what SocSok could be in the future (this was the easy part). He created the hashtag #madeforactiveplay, that was to be the focus of the company. The idea that all kids are made for active play, therefore, they should all have the opportunity for it.

To help with this vision;

A partnership was made with the non-profit organization Every Kid Sports, that helps fund low-income family kids to play organized sport. SocSok has committed to donating 10% of all profits to this cause.

New casual socks were developed to help involve all kids to be active.

SocSok Sports is being developed to create a fun approach to sports sessions, using our characters and themes to give back to as many kids as possible.

This is just the beginning and we would love for you to join us on what is going to be a FUN ride!!