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Ready to bring the fun to the field?

Our creative kids soccer socks have been designed purposefully to maximize fun!! Whilst also helping to introduce shin guard protection at an early age. And of course not forgetting, to make life much easier for the parents.

All About fun

Each pair of socks has been hand designed with awesome themes that your child will love.

No more chasing them to get ready when they have their favorite socks to wear!


Our shin guards have been created with a PP hard shell. So don't worry about those accidental kicks whilst playing.

These shin guards are more than tough enough!

The shin guard backing is made from soft EVA foam, that has been specifically developed for comfort throughout the whole session. Whilst also providing cushioned protection from any impact, to keep them safe.

Easy fitting

Do you struggle to put on their soccer socks ? Do they always need readjusting?

We have the answer!!

Our socks are created with a blend of polyester and spandex. The polyester provides moisture-wicking to keep their skin cool, whilst the spandex allows the socks to stretch. Once the sock is on, insert the shin guard into the built in pocket for hassle-free play.